5 Essential PvP Tips to Improve your KD (Destiny 2)

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Would YOU like to improve your KD ratio in D2 PvP? This video covers 5 essential tips that you can use to improve and have more fun in Destiny 2. Hopefully the tips in this video help you improve and correct mistakes that were holding you back!

Topics in this video include gunfight mechanics such as angle management, positioning, teamplay, and more! While the tips in this video are centered around the topic of improving your KD, these tips will help you become more successful in all aspects of your PvP game. Hopefully this video helps you identify what is holding you back so that you can improve and become a better overall player. This video is part 2 in a series that covers tips to improve your KD, so be sure to check out part 1 if you haven't already!

Tips to Improve KD Part 1: the 5 BIGGEST mistakes that hurt your KD:

If you've already seen that video, go learn How to Increase your Awareness in PvP:

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The Tips to Improve KD series playlist:

0:00 Overview
0:33 Tip 1: Manage your Angles
3:45 Tip 2: Read the Situation
6:09 Tip 3: Focus on your Strengths
8:18 Tip 4: Gameplay Review & Analysis
11:07 Tip 5: Plan Ahead

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