''Ablaze'' 100% (Demon) by TheAlmightyWave | Geometry Dash

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Ablaze is one of those levels that once you beaten it, you think back and you can say that it has it all, it's satisfying to watch and look at, with it's incredibly smooth animations in the foregrounds, backgrounds and even in the transitions, driven by it's fiery color theme, the different tones of red and orange with some flashes of blue here and there, and some flashy effects to tie it all together. This level throws you into the fray right from the beginning, bombarding you with flashing lights and colors, being in perfect sync with the insanely fast beat, but at the same time on top of relatively slow gameplay, building up slowly through a variety of gameplay modes before getting to the drop where the really good stuff begins, the animations used here as I mentioned before are top tier, the objects flying across the screen, and the fluid movements of the obstacles, elevate this level to a completely different level in my opinion.
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