Aftermath 100% (Extreme Demon) by Satcho

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Idc I'm counting this, I've been told in 2 servers (one being dlps) that I should count it as a completion since I there isn't much I could've died to before the checkpoint, plus it isn't a list demon anyways. Tbh this is one of my favorite extremes in the game, it's so satisfying and fun (A reason why I actually might try and rebeat it) besides 0-33 which is def harder and less consistent than 33-100

Attempts: 11,898
Hardest Part(s): 0-33 (first ship mainly)
Best Part(s): 33 ship, 57 cube
Enjoyment: 88/100 (prob would've been like 96 without the first ship since everything else is fun and satisfying)
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