Artificial Intelligence Helped Write This Hilariously Absurd Chapter of Harry Potter...

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Welcome to Harry Potter Theory. Today, I’ve got something a little bit different for you guys. Now, it shoudn’t come as a surprise to anyone that in the vast world of Harry Potter there have been countless fan fictions, what if’s, and alternate endings written by the loyal fanbase. However, what you probably didn’t expect to hear is that one group of Harry Potter fans, who operate under the name Botnik Studios, utilized an algorithmic tool to rewrite a couple of pages of Harry Potter content. The result? Probably unlike anything else you’ve heard before.

Essentially, what Botnik Studios did is this- they leveraged predictive AI software -think text messages and next word automated predictions. However, they trained this software on the Harry Potter books, rather than run of the mill text messages. The result was one three page chapter of Harry Potter entitled ‘Harry Potter and the Portrait of what Looked Like a Large Pile of Ash’- now that’s a title if you ask me. The end result? Well- probably what you’d expect- something that vaguely resembles Harry Potter with a whole lot of absurdity.




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