Blade Barrage + Demo Rockets Hunter Build 2.5 Million Damage [Destiny 2]

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First of All-- I Messed up my Ult and only did a total of 4 Blade Barrage
But if you manage to cast more than 5 or 6 with this build then you'll most likely reach to Million.

The Witherhoard + Demolitionist Rocket Launchers + Tripmine and Blade Barrage combo is pretty NASTY!
If you can manage to hit all of your shots/combo then you're going to see a lot of damage.
As seen in the Video,
Wither hoard should be applied/damaging the boss most of the time--
Then cast your Tripmine Grenade - Shoot your Rocket - Blade Barrage - Tripmine Grenade - Demolitionist will reload your Rocket Launcher - Shoot your Rocket - Blade barrage - Reapply Wither then Repeat.

I messed up a lot in this video and i apologize-- this is me trying out this new build but i think this will give you guys an idea how strong this build can be if done correctly.

Weapons : Wither Hoard, Hezen Vengeance with Demolitionist or Any Rocket With Demolitionist.
Mods: 3x Firepower Mod, Taking Charge Mod and Breach and Clear
2x Innervation Mods, 2x Rocket Reserves
Exotic Armor : Shards of Galanor
Mid Tree Solar Gunslinger
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