Can Gambit Be Saved? Here's The Overhaul It Needs | Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen

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Since the launch of Gambit with the Forsaken Expansion all the way back in Fall 2018, the game mode has been perhaps the most turbulent and disputed aspect of Destiny. Gambit is a game mode with so much potential, but it has simply been left to rot. What Bungie once touted as a mode that “takes advantage of all the best aspects of Destiny”, has instead become a Frankenstein’s Monster of all the worst parts of PvP and many of the more frustrating aspects of PvE. The mode is further plagued by an abysmal loot structure, with only three new weapons added in over a year, and drop rates so stingy that you can complete an entire Infamy Reset and not see a single Bottom Dollar. And to top it all off, Gambit is the only core mode without an endgame activity.

But despite all this, I believe that Gambit can still be saved. In this video, I’m going to explain how I would overhaul Gambit. We’re going to discuss how the loot structure can be modernized to properly reward time invested, and we will then discuss how we can revamp the gameplay and make the mode both more fun to play as well as feel far more fair. And finally, we’ll also lay the foundation for what a true endgame experience in Gambit could be. Let’s jump in!

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00:00​ - Intro
02:56​ - Overhauling The Loot Structure: Rewarding Time Invested
11:18​ - Gameplay Revamp: Making The Mode More Fun & Fair
21:50 - Gambit Perfected: Laying The Foundation For Endgame Gambit
25:53​ - Outro


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