Complete Ammo Guide ; Updated For Patch 12.7 - Escape From Tarkov

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Hey everyone, welcome to the channel for another Escape From Tarkov video, this time I'm happy to present my updated ammo guide for patch I tried to keep this concise and go over the best budget choices and best top-tier rounds for each category, but there is a LOT of ammo in Tarkov, so it's a bit of a long video.

Whether you are a new player and and want to sort out what ammo is actually worthwhile, or a returning player who needs to keep up with the changes to ammo for your favourite weapon, you're in the right place!

: 0:38
: 2:16
: 3:29
: 4:56
: 6:28
9x39: 7:39
: 8:53
.366 TKM: 9:44
9x19: 10:37
: 11:51
: 12:50
9x18: 13:43
9x21: 14:30
: 15:06
.45: 15:39
12x70: 16:20
20x70: 17:22

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