Destiny 2: 150/140 RPM Hand Cannons Merged, Mountaintop Nerfs - Beyond Light Sandbox Preview

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Bungie's sandbox preview is out and while most of the changes were expected, one in particular surprised the community. The 150 RPM archetype of hand cannons will be merged into the 140 archetype and the only 150 RPM hand cannon remaining will be Sunshot. Mountaintop was slapped with the nerf bat, along with Falling Guillotine. That and more in today's recap. Subtitles have been cleaned.

Patch Notes - 0:00
My Thoughts - 7:02

Here's some stuff that I'd really like to say in a more public setting, but probably won't: I'm really tired of the dramatics that I see every single time patch notes come out. I feel like I'm one of few people who thinks that the weapon sandbox as a whole is actually pretty solid. Is everything perfect, no, of course not. But, for example, people are being so incredibly dramatic about the 140 to 150 RPM changes, more than I think is deserved over a 57ms delay in shooting a follow up shot. It ain't D1 anymore folks, there are going to be other weapons that are viable now. It is not hand cannon city anymore. Other things are good too now.

I also don't think people look at things within the context of the future, but rather look at them right now. Yeah, 140s are gonna seem less strong if you look at them the way the game is right now, but that's not the situation we're in. I don't think it is the end of the world for hand cannons, I really don't. I just think you need to be smarter about where you choose to engage.

I don't think Falling Guillotine's nerf means swords are dead. If you didn't think a nerf was going to happen, I really don't know what to tell you.

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