Destiny 2 - Worldshaper - Weapon Ornament for Izanagi's Burden (Exotic Sniper Rifle)

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An in-depth visual showcase of the exotic weapon ornament 'Worldshaper' for Izanagi's Burden, an exotic sniper rifle from Destiny 2. This video includes a side-by-side comparison of this weapon ornament (skin) with the default weapon model.

An in-depth audiovisual showcase of Izanagi's Burden in its default form is here:

The Worldshaper weapon ornament for the Izanagi's Burden was added in Season 13 (Season of the Chosen) of Destiny 2: Beyond Light in 2021.

It is permanently available for purchase from the in-game Eververse store for Silver, the premium currency. It can also be one of the random rewards from an Eververse Engram in a future season or be offered for purchase via Bright Dust, the earnable currency.

0:00 Weapon models in the menu
0:02 Hip-fire
0:12 Reload
0:16 Honed Edge vfx
0:22 Aim Down Sights
0:33 Ornament holstered on the Forbidden Visage armor set
0:40 Ultraclocked reload


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