Destiny 2 | XUR EXOTIC GLITCH! New TRIALS LOOT & MAP, Armor Rolls Inventory, Cipher Quest! 19th Feb

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Trials Map: Exodus Blue
3 Wins (Powerful): Astral Horizon (Shotgun)
5 Wins (Powerful): Sola’s Scar (Sword)
7 Wins (Pinnacle): PYRRHIC Arms
Flawless (Pinnacle): Adept (Hand Cannon) (unconfirmed)
Mod: Random

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Destiny & Destiny 2 Are First-Person Open World Shooters, where players can gather together to destroy the forces of darkness, that caused a great collapse of our civilization. Travel to Venus, Mars, the Moon, and the Rings of Saturn, as we fight to restore Earth to it's Golden Age.

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