EVOS vs XcN on the New Patch! (Grand Final) | Arena of Valor

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In today's AOV esports match we will be taking a look at the AOV Indonesia Grand Final between EVOS and XcN! This tournament was played on the newest patch of Arena of Valor, so the Amily and Ryoma buffs are already applied to the game! We will see a lot of interesting picks like Liliana, Allain and those afore mentioned buffed heroes, Ryoma and Amily! Amily especially makes her way on both teams during the draft and of course this is a full BO5 with the global pick ban system! We also see Thorne picked up by both teams and interestingly EVOS decided to put their Thorne into the mid lane! All in all a very exciting best of 5 series between EVOS and XcN on the newest update of Arena of Valor! Hope you'll enjoy this AOV pro player match analysis in english!

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