Fallen Edelgard (Heroes) // Edelgard (Three Houses) Analysis. [What Were FEH THINKING?!]

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This series, called “What were FEH THINKING?!” sets out to take a gander at the new heroes released into the Fire Emblem Heroes and to analyze their skills, quotes and interactions in PvE modes to draw attention to the effort FEH has made to connect their versions of these characters to the source material. I posed the question to Twitter and I was surprised to see the amount of support and excitement for a series of this nature. I hope I can do my best! If you end up enjoying this video, please consider leaving a like and commenting down below your thoughts.
Also, I’m going to preface this saying that these are ALL my opinion and I will do my best to not reach to far for answers or connections. I will do my best to use content from both FEH and the original titles to substantiate my observations.
This video contains spoilers for Fire Emblem: Three Houses.
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