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This is a fan game I'm working on dont worry I'm still working on my other game but this is just something fun I put together

Nights at fredbears


- spring bonnie
- fredbear
- door and lights
- camera system
- clock system ( 1am -6am )
- jumpscare? They kinda just spring lock you

Needs to be added

- working door and lights ( right now there just for show no functionality )
- sounds
- game over
- you won screen
- more nights? Maybe

What I want to add

- more jumpscare variants ( like an actual jumpscare depending who attacks )
- better updated art

If you want to help and see the code go to pocket code you can find it there
There is some code that it doesn't need
And I was trying to add but I decided to release a demo to see what people thought

Link to website for downloading pocket code stuff
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