FINALLY - Bloodbath 100% (Extreme Demon) | Geometry Dash

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This week, I finally took the leap and ended my Bloodbath journey. I practiced this level on and off for over a year, in motivation waves due to the deceiving difficulty. It was a big step up from Cataclysm, my previous hardest level, and I think the 22,000 attempts show this.


This video recaps the events that took place on my path to beating Bloodbath. Although some areas near the end were frustrating, I still found this level enjoyable to play. I'm not sure what the next step is, maybe a lower level extreme like Acu or Thanatophobia, but for now, I'm satisfied with this completion!

Music used in this video:
At the Speed of Light by Dimrain47 |
Waiting by Lockyn |
Supernova by Rawrthaas |

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