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How to fix iPhone touch screen not working problem without losing your data using Tenoshare ReiBoot.

How to fix iPhone Touch Screen Not Working without Losing Data?
For iPhone users, the touch screen not working problem is very common and very annoying. A lot of users who do not know why this happens, and how to fix this problem, either lose all their data while trying to fix, or pay a lot of money to a repairman just to get rid of this problem. You can avoid paying money to get this touch screen not working problem fixed without losing any data. Here is how you can do this.

⬛️ Try restarting:
Most of the time, just restarting your iPhone can fix this problem. Sometimes there are some processes working in the background of your iPhone that consume a lot of processing power and do not allow your iPhone’s touch screen to respond to any hand gesture. To solve this problem, you just need to restart your iPhone and its screen will start working. Also, you may have to look for any cracks in your screen, debris, or water damages if there are any.

If this does not help, try downloading the Tenorshare ReiBoot application for Windows or Mac OS.

Use Tenorshare ReiBoot (Get Tenoshare ReiBoot from here. )

⬛️ Tenorshare ReiBoot is one of the best iPhone repair tools that allow you to fix any kind of iPhone software-related issues. You can also fix the touch screen not working problem using this. It allows you to protect your data while fixing the touch screen not working. Download, and install this software on your Mac, or Windows PC, or Laptop. Open this software, and click start. Below are some of the further steps that are required.
The Tenorshare ReiBoot will give you two options to repair, standard repair mode and deep repair mode. You need to select the standard repair mode option. Because it will fix your problem but will not let your data be deleted. It will fix the problem without losing data.
After selecting the standard repair mode, switch your iPhone into recovery mode. The instructions to do this on different iPhones are different. But you can find a guide related to your iPhone device within the Tenorshare ReiBoot.
Once your iPhone is in recovery mode, you will get a pop-up message from iTunes. That will ask you to update your iPhone’s software. If you do that, it will delete all your data, that is why just skip this.
Once you click next, the software will ask you to download the latest iOS version for your iPhone. You will just need to click on the download button and it will start downloading. Make sure you have a faster internet connection to speed up this process.
After the download is completed, select the iOS version that you have downloaded, click on the installation button. The Tenorshare ReiBoot will start to work on the installation process.
Do not use your Laptop, MacBook during that time. Let it complete. Once it is completed, there would appear a green tick saying that software repair was complete. That's all you need to do to repair your iPhones touch screen not working problem.

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