Global National: June 2, 2020 | Possible military action on protests looms in a deeply divided U.S.

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Jackson Proskow is in Washington, where thousands of peaceful protesters remain outside the White House as the military keeps a close watch. With protests now in over 100 American cities, mayors and governors are going to have to weigh how much longer they can balance the right to protest against the need to stop the looting and violence.

As Dawna Friesen reports, sometimes turning points in history are seen hindsight, but there is a feeling America is in one right now.

President Trump has told governors to act or he will mobilize federal troops, as he has the authority to do so under The Insurrection Act. Eric Sorensen explains what it is and how likely Trump will be to use it.

The anger felt in America over racism isn’t confined to its borders. Many Canadians, especially black Canadians are looking to their political leaders for change. When asked about President Trump’s approach, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau chose his words very carefully. Abigail Bimman has more.

Mercedes Stephenson reports on a troubling video that appeared to show an RCMP officer striking a man with his vehicle door in Nunavut Monday night.
COVID-19 has taken a devastating toll on Canada’s long-term care homes. In Canada, eight out of ten deaths have taken place inside long-term care homes. This week Global News is taking a deeper look into long-term care and the challenge of fixing what’s broken. Ross Lord reports.


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