iCarly 2021 Reboot NEW Release Date Confirmed!!

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iCarly 2021 Reboot NEW Release Date Confirmed!!

It's time for the iCarly nation to have a good cheer because the 2021 reboot release date is finally here! Welcome and welcome back everybody to the number one home for film and television lovers everywhere. Today we're here to wake up the members of the nation because it's our time to be! That's right, the countdown continues and we've got some new information concerning the highly anticipated 2021 iCarly show.

If you've been following the iCarly countdown with us then you know it's been a long time coming. After the initial December 2020 release date, the cast confirmed that pre-production had started back in February and rumours were swirling about a summer release ever since. Paramount Plus launched early this year and we already know that the new season will feature 13 episodes, as is the regular number when it comes to streaming platforms. But what about the official release? Will we be watching iCarly while we bask in the summer sun? Let's find out. If you're a major iCarly fan then make sure you subscribe to our channel for the definitive iCarly countdown.

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