Is Fortnite losing Against Cheaters?.. Interview with the FNCS Cheater

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Cheater SHOCKS Epic Games (THE TRUTH).. Pros CAN’T Believe It

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The community is freaking out, like Tfue, Benjyfishy, Faze Jarvis and more after a cheater made it to the FNCS finals without being until he went live and showed his cheats. Do NOT miss Ronaldo and Clix interviewed the cheater and I even DMd him and it's unbelievable what he said. Did the cheater Kona actually do something good for Fortnite or is this the end of competitive Fortnite? Check out more videos below!

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Pros are Threatening to QUIT Daequan and Lazarbeam Cant Believe Epic

Ninja Wants to Quit Fortnite Yikes

Epic Caught LYING, Not Paying Pro Players $100, Pros and Community Say

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