My First Extreme Demon! Acu by Neigefeu 100% (On Stream) | Geometry Dash

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Ok, this was a journey alright.

I dropped hypersonic in early January. I couldn't deal with it anymore, and I hate it. I needed something to do because I wanted something done. I tried The Secret Box, got 50%, and dropped it because I was too impatient, and I couldn't take it. I tried a couple of other levels, went the same way. I wanted a challenge. Something I could do. And it took me a month and 3 quarters to do it.

Enter Acu. A month or two prior, my good friend, Welshkid, had beaten this as his first extreme demon. I made the thumbnail for it and thought nothing of it. I never expected to beat the level my friend started. Another friend of mine, Dodo, had started playing Acu in January 7th. I had nothing else to do, and since I was bored, I decided to do a couple of runs for fun. Soon, by the end of the week, at around January 8th-10th, I had successfully completed 35-100. Right then and there, was something that I knew I was capable of, due to my experience in timings with Acropolis. There was an opportunity, and I needed to take it. So I did.

I made quick progress, getting percents in the 30s, 50s, 60s, and soon, 70s. But there was a problem. I hit a road block in GD, and life as a whole, at around mid January. School was starting to pick up the pace, and I tried to keep up. I kept getting swamped with projects, multiple homework assignments, missing assignments I had to make up, and more and more. I barely had time. And the time I did have was used to slack off by doing other things, when I wanted this block of ice to finish melting. I hated the fact that I didn't push myself. But I could only blame myself. I was pressured by myself to try and beat it, but I couldn't. Time and time again, I kept thinking about the LRR list points, the movement on the list, my efforts, my time, my dignity, everything.

One day, I started streaming, around a week ago. That stream would change everything for me. On stream in the first 15 minutes, I got 26-100. After that, I played from 0, and was way more consistent than ever. In the span of 30 minutes, I had around 15-20 71% deaths. This is when I realized, I can't slack off anymore. I need to get this done. The moment I grind, it'll be over.
And it was.

Writing this on February 28th, the last day of February. And the day I beat Acu. It was so satisfying. I streamed for almost 2 hours. In the first 45 minutes or so, I had already died at 96, my previous record being 76. And by I had NO REACTION, except for laughing uncontrollably (because it really was funny). I knew I could beat it today. I made it to the last 35% around 6 times, the last cube 1 more time, and the 3rd time I passed 83, it was over. The journey I started almost 2 months ago was finally over, and I was satisfied.
I barely even had a reaction if you checked, making one up and jokingly said I "did it for the views". Deep inside though, I was so happy. And here we are. You reading this description, and I'm writing it. How is it over there? Are you happy for me? Because for the first time, I can truly say that I've done so much with this completion. And I'm never gonna regret anything. I started this game up 5 years ago, almost 6. And now, I'm better than I ever have been. I can only imagine what me from 2nd, 3rd, or 4th grade would think.

Thank you to:
Morgflame Gaming
Goolagaming ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Basically everyone in the NB discord server
The entire LRR discord server
Everyone in Morgflame's server basically
Ashley (all of them lol)
Liizoks (or pinku idk)
And most importantly, my family.

And out of all of this, this might be the most satisfying thing I'll ever have to write in this description.

Level name: Acu (I used this uldm: 64783093)
Uploaded by: Neigefeu
Level creators: Neigefeu
Update uploaded:
Update beaten:
Refresh rate: 60hz
Device: iMac 2019
Attempts: 16,884 attempts (+ ~ old)
Twitch (I stream whenever):

Thank you. I love you all.
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