New Features Guide: Northern Lords DLC & Patch 1.3 for Crusader Kings 3

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Check out Northern Lords or play CK3 for free HERE until March 21st!:
Paradox Interactive has partnered up with me to give you this new features guide covering ALL of the new features added with the DLC or flavor pack for Crusader Kings 3: Northern Lords AND Patch In this video, we'll be discussing winter, poetry, duels (Trial by combat), jomsvikings, Varangian adventures, New Major Decisions, New UI improvements, and plenty more!

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0:00 Intro & Summary
1:26 Patch - Winter
4:04 Patch - Trial by Combat
9:32 Patch - Poetry
11:15 Northern Lords Start Dates
11:58 UI Improvements & Barbershop
14:56 New Decisions
20:08 Jomsvikings
22:40 Capital of the Rus
24:54 High Kingdom of the North Sea
27:32 Kingdom of Mann & Isles
29:53 Hold a Grand Blot
33:00 New Legacies
36:05 New Men-at-Arms
42:27 Varangian Adventures
47:48 Conclusion

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