Playing the Shi**y Demon's List AGAIN

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So I felt like trying out the Shi**y demons list again, and did some fun levels. My own level, to the stars II, tenth circle, and blade of justice. Overall very fun! Im slowly working on Dark Odyssey by JonathanGD as well, ive just been too lazy to play lol, but I have 85% on it, so it should be done in a day or 2.

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List of Every extreme demon I plan to beat:

My Top 10 Geometry Dash Completions (pointercrate)
1. Cybernetic Crescent -
2. Yatagarasu -
3. Erebus -
4. Sunset Sandstorm -
5. Timor -
6. Digital Descent -
7. Stalemate Redux -
8. Step to H3ll -
9. Killbot -
10. Artificial Ascent -

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