Pokemon Trading Card Game Online Code GIVEAWAY!!

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I have been sitting on TONS of these codes for quite some time now. EVERY single code card I get I do not need and offer to give it away. But usually, my viewers are not interested. So I made this ad.

The codes are completely free, you just need to like the video, be subscribed to my channel and leave me a comment letting me know you want some codes. Then, I can either out the code here in the comments or send it to you via twitter DM. That’s all!

Again, my twitter is @underoneroof7.

Also, not to sound jerky, but if you want a code and choose twitter, please send me a DM. Don’t have me track your account down and DM you. This is a free giveaway so I don’t see why I should be putting in work to hook you up. This video was enough work for me.

Alright now, thanks for checking this out and taking some of these codes off my hands! ENJOY!!

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