Pro Heroes and LOV react to the chaotic class 1a✨~(BNHA) pt.2 [read desc]

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Part 1:

(I'm going to make a part 3 ;)

This video was supposed to be post yesterday but I got a little problem with kinemaster. It won't let me export my whole video it's just keep saying and saying "Error". I also tried 4 different editing apps which is capcut(won't export up to 15mins video) , power director, Viva video and alight motion. Luckily Alight Motion works. If you guys are wondering "if I can't export in kinemaster then why do I have a kinemaster watermark in the whole video?" Well if I'm gonna make a video in kinemaster and it's already 10 mins long i usually export it and start with another video project because if the video was 10mins long the app get's laggy. So I'm sorry if this video is not what you expected in part 2

(Just pls don't repost my video without my permission. I work so hard in my video and you just gonna download it in mp4? Make your own)
~If you see someone that repost my video pls report it to me, thank you????


⚠️Don't take this video so seriously this is just an entertainment purposes only⚠️
~PS. I'm a multi-shipper UwU

✔︎Characters Used:

Shota Aizawa????????
Toshinori Yagi????????
Enji Todoroki????
Hizashi Yamada????
Keigo Takami❤️
Nemuri Kayama ????
Fukukado Emi????
Himiko Toga????
Tomura Shigaraki????️????????️

➪ ???? x ????
➪bad grammar TvT
➪this video was CRINGE, I repeat this video was ✨CRINGE✨


????Katy Perry - Dark Horse
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????Cardi B - WAP (feat. Megan Thee Stallion)
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