Soft Spine ASMR Relax & Cracks ~ TONE COMPILATION (Episode 1) Chiropractic Adjustment 47.

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Location Mechanicsburg, PA.

~ Condenser Microphone Cracks & Crunches
~ Quiet Face Paper & Quiet Office = ASMR
~ Mindfully Placed Ads ~ Relax
~ Chiropractic Sleep Time Remedy
~ Merch


The Tone Purist wants a 1 hour TONE only video with NO TALKING, NO TEMPERATURE & NO MUSCLE PALPATION.

The Tone Mixer is down for the Tone + Temperature + Palpation w/ talking.

This video is intended to discover where future videos like this one, will be on the spectrum.

Will there be PURE TONE video released one day?

Here's the preliminary Tonal Universe, 6 phase plan.

1) Compile and composite a compilation complete with 4-6 Tone readings EXPERIMENTING with the complimentary components
~ Temp, Palp, Talk, Glut, Scope, + PLUS SPINAL CRACKINGS
~ (this video)

2) When Capacity has been reached (unknown # of said videos) SPLIT the content in half, yielding a 60 minute TONE PLUS video and a 60 minute Crack Fest.

3) Repeat Steps 1 & 2 yielding an additional 60 Minute TONE PLUS and Crack Fest video. Combine the two.

4) Edit the double feature Crack Fest to include ONLY yer crunchiest, munchiest crackalackers.

5) Edit the Tone Plus video to include ONLY TONE, TEMP, & PALPATION. PLUS NO TALKING and ADD SUBTITLES. Bc I know you love subtitles.

6) Edit the Tone Plus video until all that remains, as the one and only, lone, sole, exclusive spinal feature, is the pre-hand rubbing on a black screen warmup, finger cracking, and THEE 2 finger down the spine scan with occasionally identification pointing.

This experimental phase 1 all comes down to the comments. Your feedback, 2 cents, opinion, point of view, suggestions, recommendations, responses, and AS will decide and dictate the final destiny of the PURE TONE video.

You know what to do!

Thanks for watching Soft Spine ASMR Relax & Relax ~ TONE COMPILATION w/ Chiropractic Adjustment 47.
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