State and territory leaders must 'put politics aside' and enact agriculture code

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National Farmers’ Federation President Fiona Simson says state leaders need to stop “grandstanding” and work together to enact an agriculture code.

Ms Simson told Sky News a national agriculture code was urgently needed to allow movement across state borders during the pandemic.

“Put the politics aside, we know COVID is incredibly important, but these regions just don’t have the virus and we think the modelling shows the risk is very small,” she said.

“It just seems that there’s a bit of grandstanding going on at the moment and I don’t think Aussies like that.”

Ms Simson said an agriculture code would “end a lot of uncertainty, confusion and difficulties as we try and launch this coming seasonal whether we’re talking about our fruit and veggies from the top of Australia right down to Tasmania or our grain crops which underpin so much of our nation’s exports".

The National Farmers’ Federation President argued state borders were “really just lines on maps and we don’t function within those borders, we function as a whole nation”.

“We have to be able to have the freedom to move across states as we need to, in a COVID-safe way,” she said.
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