Super Twins | Full Episode 62

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One day, a great ball of fire called 'Santelmo' lands on planet Earth—it has a metallic stone inside that possesses enormous power. Unexpectedly, a pregnant woman named Ester (Marian Rivera) found the Santelmo and gave it to her husband Manuel (Ian de Leon). He turned the metallic stone into a pair of rings as an early gift for his unborn twins whom they later named Sha-sha and Tin-tin. Things suddenly change after the twins receive the rings and discover its powers. The twins' magical journey starts after they meet Eliseo (Dennis Trillo), a strange man who is willing to train them to utilize their superpowers as the Super Twins. However, problems arise when Eliazar (Dennis Trillo) tries to steal the magical rings from the Super Twins and expresses his desires of wreaking havoc to the town.

Watch full episodes of 'Super Twins' on and 'Super Twins' stars Jennylyn Mercado, Nadine Samonte, Dennis Trillo, Nicole Dulalia, Ella Cruz, Ian De Leon, Marian Rivera, Camille Prats, Patrick Garcia, Tanya Garcia, Cristine Reyes, Tetchie Agbayani, Mura, Alessandra de Rossi, Gabby Eigenmann, Bianca King, Dominic Roco, Rita Daniela, Iwa Moto and K Brosas. #SuperTwins #SuperTwinsFullEpisode

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