TBC Classic Pre-Patch in a Nutshell - WoW Machinima

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Damn, I honestly didn't mean for this video to take that long, was planning to straight up make one for the Launch itself after my last upload. But thought I'd make a short video on the tbc pre-patch and ended up making it a full machinima because I am dumb as a brick when it comes to planning stuff. :)
Regardless, I'm suuuper pumped. The pre-patch launch was honestly somewhat unstable. With the Shadowlands launch I was honestly convinced they've started really getting the hang of these smooth launches and thought that that's what we'll see on TBC classic launch, but after oh boy. Let's just say I'm praying for their servers.
As stated in the previous video, I still think there may be big issues with TBC, but I've honestly never played the expansion itself and had a ton of fun in Vanilla Classic, so I'm hyped to give TBC a go!

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