Unemployment Update 9-1-20: More States Paying $300/$400 Wk! Global Unemployment FPUC $600 Back? PUA

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Made up of 19 member states in the EU, the eurozone has seen unemployment climb to for the month of July.

This unemployment crisis is impacting younger citizens the hardest, with the youth unemployment rate at for July.

I just hope that my viewers overseas in Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Spain are hanging in there, we’ll all get through this global mess together.

Meanwhile, a recent note from JP Morgan explains that the impact of losing those weekly $600 FPUC unemployment benefits wasn’t as disastrous as predicted.

JPMorgan economist Jesse Edgarton stated: “We see little sign that the benefit expiration has marked a major turning point for the overall economy, as many other high-frequency spending and activity indicators have continued rising into August."

Edgarton continued: "the expiration of the extra $600 of weekly unemployment benefits has produced some effects on the data in parts of the economy that are most directly impacted, but it has not marked a sharp turning point for the overall economy."

These findings are in stark contrast to other reports from economists, who predicted a cash cliff once the weekly $600 ran out of funding.

One paper explained that the US economy would lose $15 billion each week that unemployment claimants are not receiving $600.

And another outlined an extension to the weekly $600 providing an average quarterly boon to GDP of percent through 2021.

As someone who always trusts the economists, I don’t know which economist to listen to! But looking at the comments, it’s clear that millions of Americans are struggling each week we don’t have our extended unemployment benefits.

Finally, nearly a month out from President Trump’s executive actions providing enhanced unemployment benefits, most states are either receiving those weekly $300 or $400 checks, or in the pipeline to get these funds.

To recap, Arizona, Louisiana, Missouri, Montana, Tennessee, and Texas are currently paying out LWA $300 or $400 Federal unemployment claims, while South Dakota is the only state to decline the benefits.

The following states are the only ones that haven’t applied for the benefits or have not yet been approved by FEMA: Delaware, Illinois, Nebraska, New Jersey, Nevada, Wisconsin and South Carolina.

Everyone else? Your state has been approved for $300 weekly unemployment benefits and it is only a matter of time before these vital funds will be hitting your bank account.

Plus, your claim should be backdated, so you should be getting a check for over $1,000 from the Feds!

If you still haven’t applied for unemployment benefits in your state, check to see if you are eligible and apply today.

Don’t miss out on your chance to secure these life saving, unemployment stimulus funds!

These weekly $300 or $400 unemployment checks will not be available for long, so make sure to get your application in before your state runs out of money.

If you are a gig-worker, self employed, independent contractor or 1099 worker, these are unemployment benefits that you can actually claim, even though you haven’t pitched in to unemployment insurance!

This important unemployment extension is only going to last for weeks. The PUA will continue on the boosted unemployment extension is vital. These unemployment benefits



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