Unemployment Update (Unemployment Extension & Unemployment Benefit) 9 13 2020 Trump ???? Running out

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TRUMP FEMA Unemployment extension is running out. FPUC from Cares Act is gone. The Unemployment Insurance and Pandemic Unemployment Assistance PUA go to the End of the year Paying out Unemployment Benefits. (HAND ON)


Find out how the budget deficit hit an all-time high, how Maryland is to stop extra pay for front-line workers, and how Colorado prevented up to $1 billion from being paid.

Up first, the budget deficit hit an all-time high of $3 trillion.

The Treasury Department said Friday that within the first 11 months of the budget year the budget deficit hit $3 trillion.

“The deficit from October through August is more than double the previous 11-month record of $ trillion set in 2009.”

This new record is linked to the government’s massive spending to try to cushion the impact of that thing out there that has affected so many that cost millions of jobs.

Up next, Maryland halts extra pay for front-line workers in response to battle that thing out there.

State employees such as correctional officers, state hospital workers, juvenile service workers, and state social workers saw an increase in their hourly rate as they worked to help so many Americans battle the pandemic.

An executive director of the state’s Office of Personnel Services and Benefits said, “Response Pay has ended but the additional pay differential for employees working in quarantine areas will continue.”

It is expected “that more than 10,000 state employees will now lose the extra $ per hour.”

AFSCME President Patrick Moran said “that does little to help employees who work outside quarantine areas in prisons and state hospitals, where social distancing is often impossible.”

With that thing out there still alive and not going away anytime soon, state employees are probably the most likely to come in close contact with it and now they don’t get an extra pay.
Moran also expressed that “the state has also refused to provide an accounting of how many state employees have been sickened during the pandemic.”

And finally, Colorado prevented $750 million to $1 billion in benefits from being paid to scammers.

“They added an 18th fraud prevention mechanism in their claim filing system and it stopped nearly 50,000 false claims from being approved. “

They have found that people have been using stolen IDs and targeting the PUA system.

This ongoing fraud hurts so many people who had their claims put on hold and haven’t received the money that is rightfully theirs.

These are the states currently paying the $300 unemployment boost Alabama, Arkansas, California, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, Rhode Island, Tennessee, and Utah.

The states that have run out of their LWA grant money are Arizona, Massachusetts, Missouri, Montana, and Texas.

For all the gig-workers, self employed, independent contractors or 1099 workers, PUA unemployment funds are specifically designed for you and you are eligible for these benefits through the CARES Act.

Get your state benefits that are rightfully yours, explain to them that you’ve been out of work due to that thing out there reducing your business or shutting down your side hustle.



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