welding robot arm & pick and place robot|compete with ABB Fanuc Yaskawa Kuka etc|how to choose robot

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In this video, we will share how to choose correct industrial robot and we will also share one top reliable industrial robot from China to you. It can be used as welding robot arm, pick and place robot, painting robot, palletizing robot, machine tending robot, prominent features are good price, reliable service, low cost on maintance. ABB, Kuka, Yaskawa, Fanuc are the most famous four giants in industrial robot market. From the public impression, ABB is on average the most expensive one, Statistic shows Fanuc is on average the most popular one in most engineers’ eyes. Kuka are good at fantastic advertisement. Yaskawa comparing with the other three giants most of the time is the comparatively cost effective one. Yeah, just comparatively. Anyway it is still one of the four robotic giants. Their price are high in general. But actually for a lot of cases, you don’t have to use such expensive robots for your automation projects. Take common 6 axis welding robot arm or pick and place robot for example, The essence of the robot is to walk paths to realize different requirements on their production process. In this way, a lot of simple projects doesn’t need to use very expensive robots as long as the robot you choose is reliabe and can meet the technical requirements. But that doesn’t mean you can choose any cheap robot. It’s not the cheaper the better. From our experience there is principle on choosing robots. Or it will be disaster for the project.

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